Sunday, November 29, 2009

10 Games That Deserve a DS Remake

Several classic old games have experienced a resurgence on the DS, including Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV. It was recently announced that Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals will be receiving a fully 3-D remake on the system. This news has many gamers wondering what great old games could be remade next. Here are the 10 games at the top of our list.

10. E.V.O.: Search for Eden
evo search for eden

E.V.O.: Search for Eden was a great Super Nintendo game that let players take control of constantly evolving animals. Though it seemed bizarre at the time, it now seems perfectly inline with the rest of the DS line-up. A few graphical improvements as well as some tweaks to the gameplay mechanics, and this one would be good to go. The touch screen would be the perfect place for gamers to improve their creatures with their evolution points.

9. Illusion of Gaia
illusion of gaia

This great little SNES RPG got lost in the shuffle next to all the classic games that game out around the same time. A DS re-release would give this title a chance to shine. The game's unique jewel-based leveling up system will feel like a breath of fresh air next to other turn-based RPGs on the system, and some animated cutscenes would go a long way towards enhancing the game's already good story.

8. Dino Crisis
dino crisis

Survival horror games have struggled to succeed on the DS, but if any game could make it work, it's Dino Crisis. This Playstation game had players guide themselves through a maze of corridors, knowing that a Raptor could jump out and attack them at any time. Using the touch screen to shoot has worked wonderfully for other games in the past, and making use of other DS features like the microphone will help suck players even further into the game's world.

7. Earthbound

It's hard to even imagine how one would remake weird, wonderful Earthbound. Would the game now feature the Runaway Five in animated cutscenes? Would Mr. Saturns get voice-acting as garbled as their font? All we really know is that this game is too great not to get a remake. All gamers should have a chance to get to know Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo.

6. Dynamite Headdy
dynamite headdy

This top-notch Sega platform/action game put players in the shoes of Headdy, a puppet who took on enemies with his detachable head. The games' beautifully colorful world would look great on the dual screens, and the DS could add a whole new dimension to the title's gameplay. It's about time Dynamite Headdy gets the props it deserves.

5. Legend of Legaia
legend of legaia

Like the Super Nintendo, the Playstation was crowded with great RPGs, and the first Legaia game deseves a second chance in the spotlight. The game's early 3-D graphics won't look quite so dated on a smaller set of screens, and the Tactical Arts' battle system would be great fun on the DS. Plenty of fun bonus content could be added to the mix as well.

4. Blast Corps
blast corps

Rare had many excellent games on the N-64, and Blast Corps was among them. The game's entertaining combination of puzzles and blowing stuff up seems tailor made for a system like the DS. A remake could offer gamers new levels and new vehicles to try out, and it could help put Rare back in the forefront.

3. Crystalis

The classic Nintendo RPG has already received a remake on the Game Boy Color, but Crystalis deserves one that will really do it justice. With updated graphics but the same story that sucked gamers in the first time, a whole new generation could learn to fall in love with Crystalis. The gameplay in this title could also really benefit from having menus on thw top screen.

2. Earthworm Jim

earthworm jim

Earthworm Jim was among the best titles on many a system of generations past. Its quirky main character and its bizarre but perfectly executed gameplay has made this game a hit with many gamers. Earthworm Jim received a port on the Game Boy Advance not that many years back, but this title really deserves a full remake, complete with new voice-acting, levels, and more. If the actors from the hit Earthworm Jim cartoon could be persuaded to lend their voices, we could get some truly hilarious cutscenes.

1. Xenogears

Xenogears is widely considered to be one of the greatest RPGs of all time in spite of the fact that it was both rushed and unfinished. Just imagine what the game could be if it was given the chance to be truly completed. The game's graphics would look great on the DS screens, and a remake would be able to fix the syncing issue that some of the animated cutscenes suffered from. A remake of title definitely would have the potential to be a masterpiece.

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  1. A Xenogears remake would be the best.


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