Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Turn a Nintendo DS into an iPod

ds ipod
The DS has a great selection of games, but unlike some other handhelds, you can't do a lot with it straight out of the box. I really wanted to know how to turn my Nintendo DS into an iPod, and with a little research, I figured out how.

The first thing you'll need to turn your DS into an iPod is a flash card. A flash card allows you to run Nintendo DS homebrew programs. You can purchase Nintendo DS flash cards at sites like R4DS. You can get Nintendo DS flash cards for much, much cheaper than an iPod. Once you have your flash card, you need to get a program called LMP-ng. LMP-ng can turn your DS into an iPod.

Download the latest version of LMP-ng, and put your Micro SD card into your computer. Move the program and some wav and mp3 files onto the card, then take the card out, put it inside your R4DS cartridge, and then start up your DS. You should now see an option for music. Pop in some headphones, and you're done! You can now say "I know how to turn my Nintendo DS into an iPod".

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  1. I have been wanting to do this for sometime but I never got around to it. It seems interesting that you can turn your nintendo DS into an ipod. I'm going to download LMP-ng and see if that works.


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